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Last update: March 2002


I sit at my computer this evening with grave concern for all of our futures. This is no doubt, the most important and serious article I have ever written.

It is a well known fact that the policy makers of the Center for Disease Control ( the CDC ) have intimate ties to pharmaceutical companies and lawmakers. Many decision makers in the CDC hold shares in the pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccines they push on lawmakers. Since the panic which has been created by 9-11, the CDC now realizes they have a stronger hold on such lawmakers, and thus your life. In effect, being that there is a declared time of crisis in our country, the CDC has the power to forcefully medicate you with the very vaccines they profit from.

What a marvelous marketing tool! Can you imagine how wealthy you would become if the government forced everyone AT GUNPOINT to use a product you have invented?! You would be rich beyond your wildest dreams, and that is exactly what the corrupt CDC aims to do by their now relentless pressuring of state and federal lawmakers to pass Public Health Emergency statutes (laws) that would require EVERYONE to be vaccinated at the push of a button.

Think this is all too far fetched? Well then, consider this headline from USA Today;

“Smallpox Fear Grips Nation CDC Orders 100 Million-Dose Vaccine Stockpile Untested Vaccine Will Be Mandatory During Public Health Emergencies State Militia May be Mobilized to Enforce Vaccination Policies”

What a bizarre headline! Isn’t it curious in this time of post 9-11 paranoia we are experiencing, that State Militias have nothing better to do than be available to mobilize people into lines like cattle to receive shots?!

Let me get straight to the point here without mincing words to keep you comfortable; the pharmaceutical companies, CDC, and lawmakers which support them could give a rats ass if you die from smallpox. To them, you are an expendable resource; a thing to be used to gain more power through more cash. Believe me, you will soon see that they will take full advantage of this time of crisis and pull every string they have now to bring these forced vaccination laws into effect.

Here’s something I’ll bet you did not know; in the late 70’s when that peanut farmer we had for a president sold out to the tune of big government, he signed into effect FEMA, which stands for the Federal Emergency Management Act. You saw these guys walking all around the Trade Center ruins with FEMA jackets. All the president needs to do is declare a national emergency, and then FEMA becomes your GOD. It’s as simple as that. What’s wrong with that? Well, you can kiss the law of the land good-bye, the constitution of these united states, and the bill of rights; they will be gone as long as the president declares there is a national emergency. The constitution is OFFICIALLY suspended indefinitely until further notice. Each state has it’s own version of FEMA, all of which include the following laws which take effect immediately upon the declaration of an emergency: The CDC declares the emergency whenever they want to, and the president enacts FEMA.


When federal and state public health officials convince your governor to declare a public health emergency, they will have the authority to use the state militia to:

• Take control of all roads leading into and out of your cities and state.

• Seize your house, car, telephones, computers, food, fuel, clothing, firearms, and alcoholic beverages for their own use, and not be held liable if these actions result in the destruction of your personal property.

• Arrest and imprison you or any member of your family, including your CHILDREN for any reason they see fit, and forcibly examine, vaccinate and medicate you and your children without your consent, and not be held liable if these actions result in your death, or your child’s death or injury as a result of such actions.

My good friends, please hear me fully! These FEMA regulations have been around for over 25 years just waiting for an emergency.

And now the CDC is pushing hard daily to get smallpox vaccination laws into effect, administered by FEMA. All they need do after that is declare an emergency, and we all know how easy it will be for the CDC to declare an emergency whenever they desire. A few plants of smallpox here or there is all it will take, then BOOM

Welcome to Amerika, the Fascist Nation

There will be no rhyme or reason; no questions to be asked. You will be monitored like a pet dog with a computerized vaccination card. Just like your dog or cat, if you haven’t had all your shots, you will be denied travel and most assuredly imprisoned until you comply. Forget the mile high piles of research that prove vaccines are dangerous; forget any scientific studies about the effectiveness of a smallpox vaccine. Medical historians have shown that the smallpox epidemic of the early 20th century was a sham. Statistics were altered, and misdiagnosis ran rampant all to show a favorable result for smallpox vaccines. People were dying from the ill effects of many unsanitary conditions of that time, and it was all called smallpox. History shows that the smallpox vaccine campaigns of the early 20th century were met with very poor compliance; the chance of dying from smallpox was far greater if you received the vaccine than if you did nothing at all.

Doesn’t common sense tell us that if vaccines really do work, than those who choose to receive vaccines will not be at any risk from those who choose not to be vaccinated? Why does the CDC need to install a state militia governed by a totalitarian FEMA to force people to be vaccinated? Especially when you consider that most people don’t believe what I am saying here, think I am totally nuts, and will fight to be one of the first on line to receive their vaccine!

The answer is simple. Because the CDC is well aware that their vaccine is a total sham and toxic; a blunder that actually creates more smallpox than it prevents. You can’t have a lot of totally healthy UNVACCINATED people walking around, telling others they never received their shot, when many people who have received the vaccine get sick and die. By forcing EVERYONE to be vaccinated, they can assuredly place credit to their vaccine for everyone who survives and say too bad for all those who die. Believe me folks;

They fully realize unvaccinated people will be far healthier than anyone who receives the vaccine, and they will never study this fact.

For to do this would open them up to tremendous scrutiny and liability. Can you just imagine what this would do to them?! They would cease to exist if everyone knew the truth, and that is precisely why they are expending a ton of energy RIGHT NOW to get these laws passed in every state.

God rest the souls of 9-11. The media and government spin the tragedy to the American public as something totally different from what it really is; from what it has always been, and the real reason it all happened in the first place;

A mega-tool for the elite to CASH in on. A grand opportunity to crush all competition in commerce, especially in the middle east and related specifically to oil and other valuable natural resources; to promote a ONE WORLD agenda, a ONE WORLD banking system with no outside competition, and a ONE WORLD police state; to place big corporations, governments and their leaders in a greater position to run your life, by stealing away the most basic of freedoms you were granted as a birthright by being born in America. If you don’t have the freedom to decide what you are to do with your own body, it is difficult to decipher what freedoms you actually do have.

Has anyone read even a small portion of the new Patriot Bill? An elementary school student can see that this bill has absolutely NOTHING to do with protecting you from terrorists. The provisions of this bill give full police power to the Attorney General, to incarcerate YOU indefinitely if he deems you are a terrorist by any means! Even if a state judge releases you from jail, the Attorney General can rescind that release and keep you in the slammer as long as he wants! The bill takes away all DUE PROCESS of law for ANYONE that is even suspect of being associated with terrorism. You are totally guilty if the Attorney General says you are, and you must prove your innocence. You can be arrested for terrorism for merely participating in an anti-war demonstration ( of which you will be seeing many in the coming months, mark my word ). I can be arrested for terrorism by simply sending you this e-mail! I can be arrested for terrorism by simply guiding you to think for yourself, and fight back against being forcefully vaccinated. The Patriot Bill is a total sham, and is better labeled the Fascist Bill. Read it for yourself and find out. It is available on the internet at a few sites.

What to do? If you’ve actually read this far, I commend you. 80% of the American population will lay quietly to the propaganda and gleefully waltz to the FEMA vaccination stations. Another 10% will bitch and moan about it, and succumb out of fear. The remaining 10%, like myself, will fight with everything they have to protect their God given common law right to do as they please with their bodies, and to protect their children as they see fit from dangerous chemicals being injected directly into the bloodstream. So since you are still reading, here are some things I can suggest;

• Immediately if not sooner, call the National Vaccine Information Center ( NVIC ), @ 1-800-909-SHOT, or visit them on line @ www.909shot.com. Call them and join today. They need money to keep people and a few honest lawmakers informed.

• Read the attached files I have provided with this e-mail. They are excerpts which contain references from the NVIC report on this entire “Public Health Emergency” issue. You can obtain the full report from me or by contacting the NVIC directly.

• Call or write your federal and state legislators! Tell them you are outraged by the thought of such laws.

• Write Attorney General John Ashcroft, Health Secretary Tommy Thompson and President and Mrs. Bush. Send them a copy of the NVIC report.

• Talk to as many people as you can about this issue and it’s ramifications.

For details on the many dangers of vaccines and mandatory vaccination policies, visit the website of the Anti Vaccination League aka the AVL, of which I am their public relations spokesperson. Buy the book, Good-Bye Germ Theory to become more informed about the truth related to these issues.

I speak for all involved with the AVL when I tell you that any dose of smallpox vaccine you or your children may receive is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than the threat of smallpox infection through chemical warfare. Hard science shows that receiving these vaccines renders you and your children far more likely to become VERY ILL, most likely from the very thing the vaccine is supposedly created to prevent. Get all the facts!

I have been on the phone all morning with AVL members, lawyers and law maker’s offices. We are preparing for the worst and are attempting to institute plans for such a scenario. Call or e-mail me for details on our progress.

May God bless and save America, this once great land of the free and home of the brave.

 Yours very truly,

Dr. Wil T.

Chiropractic Physician

AVL spokesperson and co-chairman
Author or Good-Bye Germ Theory.