Educate Your Pediatrician

How to educate your pediatrician

The majority (certainly not all ) of the pediatricians you meet have huge egos supported by an over developed sense of importance and self righteousness. They believe their limited knowledge is enough to dictate control of your child, through either medical or police state measures. Most, as well, are people just like you and I who can be reached, and enlightened by the facts. If your pediatrician can not give you satisfactory answers to your concerns about vaccines, or worse yet, refuses to, it’s high time to search for one who will. You should go over every fact on the “Vaccine Facts” sheet with your pediatrician. The chart which follows will also be of help in your query. If your pediatrician has made a statement not mentioned below, please send it to us by selecting “Contact Us” and we will follow up with an answer based in fact and science.

If your pediatrician says:

“Vaccines are completely safe.”

Then answer:

Answer One

“Then why does the packet insert to each one list dozens of possible side effects, including death?”

Answer Two

“Since you’re so sure, will you please put that in writing?”










“People and books which challenge vaccines believe flawed research.”

“Research which warns the people of the dangers of vaccines has been completed by competent and respected doctors in all professions from many Universities in America and abroad. Most hold medical or microbiology degrees. Also, much of the positive research on vaccines can be considered flawed by denying standing facts, and from being conducted by the very companies which create the vaccines.”










“Not vaccinating your children is an irresponsible and dangerous parenting choice.”

“Choosing to not vaccinate is anything but irresponsible. The choice requires a lot of parental research, and is certainly more responsible than blindly following medical advice in light of ever growing reports of neurological damage to children created by vaccines.”








“If you do not vaccinate your child you are violating the law. You can be arrested and your child can be taken away from you.”

Answer One

“You are not a lawyer. Please do not preach to me the law, since I have already researched it.”

Answer Two

“Neither myself nor my child can be forcefully medicated, against my will. If these vaccines are mandated by law, then the law, and you as a doctor must also assure me that my child will not be harmed by these mandated vaccines in any way. Further, I want to be assured that these mandated vaccines are going to prevent the very diseases they are given for. Sign these papers assuring me of just that and I will vaccinate.”















“If you do not vaccinate you child is at risk of developing some serious disease that can kill them!”

“If vaccines truly work, as you believe they do, and if they bulk of our society’s children are vaccinated, than my child should have nothing to worry about. Unless of course you really don’t believe that vaccines work.”







“They can still get the disease from a child who carries the germ, or from the environment!”

“You are contradicting yourself doctor. If vaccines truly work then there should be no carrier children. Secondly, there is no proof that these so called germs you speak of are lurking around in the environment waiting to attack my child. We live under very sanitary conditions. Thirdly, in any given population it has been shown that kids who get sick have already been vaccinated. The bulk of unvaccinated children do not get sick.”











“Vaccines wiped out polio in the 50’s”

“Considering that the creator of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk, reported that two thirds of polio cases between ’66 and ’76 were created by his vaccine,you are making a huge assumption there doctor. Fact is, that polio naturally began to decline around ’53, and the vaccine wasn’t mass produced until ’57. After the vaccine to this very day, spinal meningitis, a disease which is virtually identical to polio, has been present in epidemic proportions.”











“Vaccines have ended many childhood diseases like measles and mumps. Kids are less sick today because of vaccines.”

“In any given population children still get sick with the very diseases vaccines are reported to have ended. Studies show that more than 95% of these sick children have already been vaccinated for the disease they now have.”






“People are living longer today for two main reasons; vaccines and antibiotics.”

“Medicine likes to take credit for people living longer, however nothing can be further from the truth. Antibiotics have helped people who are in trouble with certain infections, however research shows that chronic antibiotic use leads to more sickness and disease. Many studies show that disease and vaccine data have been altered by the pharmaceutical companies to show a favorable result for vaccines use. Without this trickery they could not promote their programs through government.”












“Autism and vaccines have no relation, proven by valid medical research.”

“Doctors always say this without really knowing what they are talking about. Autism occurs quite often after a child has come home from receiving a dose of vaccines. Vaccines contain toxins like mercury that have been proven to cause brain damage, sudden infant death syndrome and cancer in children.”









“Medical research proves that more autism is reported today not due to vaccine damage, but due to vast changes in the diagnosis of the disorder. Before the changes only a few characteristics were associated with autism. Now there are many.”

“No single change in diagnostic parameters for any disease has ever caused it to increase more than 3,000% in 15 years, as is the case with autism. Only one thing can create such a drastic increase so quickly, and that is the systematic neurological poisoning of a population created by neuro toxins found in vaccines.”