Detoxification & Cleansing

If you have received an array of vaccines at any time in your life, you need to detoxify your body from their ill effects. Here is what the Physicians Desk Reference, also called the PDR (a bible for medical practice), has to say about the dangers of vaccinations:

” ….Injections of foreign substances like viruses, toxins and foreign proteins [directly] into the blood stream by a vaccination have been associated with diseases and disorders of the blood, brain, nervous system and skin. Rare diseases such as atypical measles and monkey fever, as well as such well known disorders, such as premature aging and allergies have been associated with vaccines. Also linked to vaccinations are such well known diseases as cancer, leukemia, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and sudden infant death syndrome….”

Here are a list of vaccine components to demonstrate why the PDR warns us against these very often mandatory vaccines:

Formaldehyde, Mercury, Aluminum, Monkey, Calf, Chicken and horse pus, and an array of large and dangerous protein molecules which become highly toxic when directly entered into the blood stream through injection.

Stay Away From Flu Shots!

First and foremost, adults or children should NEVER receive a flu shot. Studies show that your chances of developing a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis are much greater with all the Mercury and Aluminum you receive from the average flu shot, especially when given in succession. Studies focusing specifically on Alzheimer’s show that an individual is at a ten times greater risk of developing the disease, if five consecutive flu shots are received within a ten year period.

You can detoxify your body from the lingering ill effects of vaccine toxins, but it takes commitment to your true state of health, and time. Consult a good Naturopath, Chiropractor or Homeopath for natural remedies to cleanse the blood of excess complex proteins. Taking a battery of proteolytic enzymes over a specific length of time ( usually a few months ) as directed by your natural physician works well in eliminating these carcinogenic poisons, which rot (putrefy) in your blood stream and create ongoing havoc. You should also consult your natural physician about a nutritional program to aid such detoxification. This program should include a good supply of daily antioxidants, especially grape seed extract, selenium, zinc, vitamin C & E, bioflavanoids, and CoQ10. Antioxidants are vitally necessary to bind up and eliminate free floating mercury and aluminum.

Another very important level of detoxification involves the colon. The average 35 year old American male has anywhere from 25 to 55 extra pounds of undigested animal proteins ( from eating meats and dairy products ) lodged in their large intestine ( colon ). This consists of a highly sticky material which coats the colon walls, creating constipation and increasing toxicity which gets re absorbed back into the blood with the reabsorption of water. This same sticky material coats the walls of the small intestine, creating malabsorption of vital nutrients. This can cause a person to overeat since they are not properly absorbing their food’s nutrients. This coating of the small intestine can create ulcerative colitis as well. More than 65 different health challenges are caused by a toxic colon and small intestine.

Imagine what would be the result of a pump failure in a city’s sewer system. What would happen if the pipes got all plugged up with some unmovable material so that the system failed the move waste? It wouldn’t take very long before a crisis developed and a huge sanitation problem would threaten health and society. This is why regularity of elimination is vitally important to your health.

Few of us realize that failure to effectively eliminate waste products from the body causes so much fermentation and putrefaction ( rotting of waste material ) in the colon, that the neglected accumulation of waste can, and frequently does, result in a lingering demise! A huge portion of infirmity and sickness is the direct result of allowing the intestines to remain loaded with waste matter.

Laxatives are not the answer and only promote further ill health!

Laxatives are for stimulation of the bowel and for excreting more mucous material. They do not correct the problem of a clogged colon, and in fact, can actually make it worse. Laxatives irritate the colon to make it expel debris from the bowel. Laxatives can be deadly, they are habit forming and they are destructive to the sensitive membranes of the intestines. Beware of natural herbals like senna, which do nothing but irritate the intestines. Also beware of certain colon cleansing & bulk forming formulas. Many products which work by forming bulk in the bowel are as ineffective in the long run as laxatives. They function by creating pressure in the large intestine which then pushes waste matter out of the rectum. The “fiber” in products such as these is practically useless. These products will never strengthen your bowel or teach it to function properly. “Fiber” products which increase the bulk of the stool are indigestible, and all they do is make your stool softer.

Through the contact us section, we can send you upon request information about a bowel supplement that retrains the bowel as an effective but gentle bowel cleanser. It is called Experience, an herbal product developed by one of the most valuable master herbalist lineages in the world today. It is not a laxative. Clinical studies have proven that Experience improves bowel function and regains it’s normal shape by aiding in the elimination of this sticky, toxic waste build up. Please contact us for more information.