About The Book


Dr. Wil T. has written a new book!

“Good-Bye Germ Theory is an easy to read classroom style text especially for parents, and all those who love children. Besides giving pertinent facts about an ever growing and oppressive medical system, Dr. Trebing provides real legal answers for people who feel overwhelmed with the complexities of the legal system. The form letters provided in his book can no doubt help parents and students fight back against unwanted medical treatment….” – Pauline A., MD New York, NY

Contents of the Book

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Medical Mayhem

Chapter Two: The Poisoned Needle

Chapter Three: The truth about Sudden Infant
Death Syndrome and cancer

Chapter Four: Who’s afraid of the big bad FLU?

Chapter Five: Historical Chicanery

Chapter Six: Immunity or Lunacy?

Chapter Seven: Good-bye Germ Theory

Chapter Eight: Those pesky epidemics

Chapter Nine: We’re from the government,
and we’re here to help you!



Forms and References Include:

1. Affidavit – Implied Legal Notice and Warning
2. Affidavit – Request for Assurance of Medical Treatment and Relief Upon Damage
3. Affidavit of Probable Cause for Attempted Assault and Battery
4. Affidavit – Release of Liability of Disease
5. Affidavit – Request for Medical Exemption under State Statute
6. Request for access to documents under your states Freedom Of Information Act.
7. Church of Universal Consciousness Information


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