Mission Statement

The AVL is a not for profit organization consisting of professionals from many walks of life, including medical, chiropractic, naturopathic, and homeopathic physicians. The core of our mission is to educate, and thus warn, an unassuming public of the dangers running rampant within today’s medical profession. The AVL exposes medical frauds masquerading as cures, many of which are creating the very problems and diseases they claim to prevent. Hence our name, fraud within the vaccine and pharmaceutical trade are of primary interest to us.

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Good-Bye Germ Theory” is our main text written by AVL founder and co-chairman Dr. William T. ( chiropractic physician ). This text not only explains the obvious dangers of present day mandated vaccines, backed by undeniable research and statistics. It also provides logical scientific proof as to why vaccines can not possibly eradicate disease, and in fact, how they do just the opposite of what they are thought to do. There are many facts which point to vaccines and other drugs as being responsible for a myriad of health disorders now present in epidemic proportions.

Good-Bye Germ Theory” reveals the very core of a fraudulent medical business called the “medical cartel.” This is a complex system of medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies and law makers who twist the facts to create fear and panic in the people, making them compliant with highly profitable vaccination policies and beliefs. The Germ Theory is the core of medical propaganda which is portrayed as science, but turns out to be more like a dogmatic religion.

Good-Bye Germ Theory” is a must read for all those who love children. It is especially written for parent’s education. You will learn pertinent facts about an ever growing and oppressive medical system that has been rooting itself into the lives of each American for over 75 years. Also unique to this book is its’ legal research section. Parents often feel so overwhelmed with the complexities of the legal system, that they succumb to unwanted medical treatment for their children. This book will show you how to know your particular state’s vaccination laws inside-out, so that any person man effectively challenge an oppressive vaccination law using the many legal forms provided.

Be Informed! Have the courage to get all the facts!

You need not be afraid of choosing to withdraw vaccines from your family’s life. If you know the facts, you will see that it is a wise decision from which everyone will benefit.

There is a ton of research which clearly illustrates the fact that medical vaccinations are completely useless and utterly unnecessary. In fact, they are quite dangerous to your well being, and especially the well being of your children. How can we say this? We understand this statement goes completely against the status quo, but we do say it and stand by it regardless of the heavy criticism, because we know we are right! We have proof that unvaccinated populations of children are far healthier than vaccinated populations. We have proof that the medical and pharmaceutical professions have purposely altered statistics over the decades to promote their products ( vaccines ) and we are ready, willing and able to present these facts to schools, doctors, parents and the United States courts.

A lot of noise is made about killer germs, diseases, and the vaccines which have saved us from their demise. Questioning the validity of medical vaccines today creates the same “burn you at the stake for mentioning such a concept” attitude as during the days when people fervently believed in a FLAT WORLD. Hundreds of years ago, ships that attempted transatlantic transportation without returning were believed to have fallen off the edge of the horizon, where they met their demise with a myriad of demons and monsters who devour flesh. Then came the discovery of an entirely new world with abundant resources. The medical religion of today insists people believe that germs are the demons and monsters, and that doctors are the Gods granting salvation through the administration of their vaccines. The great astronomer Galileo was jailed and threatened with a death sentence if he continued to tell people of his stellar discoveries, challenging the status quo of his day which insisted that the Earth was the center of the universe, and that the sun revolved around us. The controlling church/government of the day was very concerned about people considering this information, since it was contrary to everything the church taught. Similarly, the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies DO NOT want you thinking for yourself on this matter of germs, disease and vaccines. They adamantly insist that you believe in these fables without question.

Governments are good in many ways, however they are also corrupt in many ways. One of the ways corrupt government stays in power is to fool, and thereby control, it’s people with erroneous beliefs. These beliefs serve some corrupt higher power that profits greatly from people believing in them. Today, the medical and pharmaceutical professions have that belief and trust, however decreased it has become over the decades. People fervently believe that germs cause disease, and that we need vaccines to keep us protected from these diseases. But what if you discovered that nothing could be further from the truth? What if you discovered that the entire medical/pharmaceutical cartel has pushed and supported this idea of germs, disease and vaccine cures all for the benefit of their own deep pockets?

You don’t need to be afraid of germs and disease any longer. You certainly don’t need to receive all the vaccines the medical profession try to push on you year after year. There are many safe methods of immunization and strengthening the immune system that work far better than medical vaccines. Medical vaccinations have been linked to childhood cancer, leukemia, autism, allergies, asthma, heart attacks, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) to name but a few devastations.

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